Portrait + Lifestyle Photography captured in natural light and based in Katy, Texas.


My grandfather first sparked my love for photography many years ago by teaching me about his old film cameras. He was such a camera fanatic; it was fun to watch him geek out over that kind of stuff! Long after he passed, I was gifted with one of his old Canon film cameras and I have been fascinated by the art of photography ever since...

And that's how it all began!


When I first started snapping photos, I began capturing anything and everything I personally found beautiful. That meant the typical "pretty" images, but also the candid moments that feel extra special in print when you look at them long after the moment has passed. Still to this day after many years of photography experience I believe that photos tell a story of connection and I strive to tell that story with each of my clients every day. From the posed, more formal portraits, to the raw moments filled with true emotion, I strive to emulate the vibes of each of my clients to the fullest.


My description is portrait & lifestyle photography because I encompass many types of sessions. From engagements, to weddings, to families, to mamas, to babies, you will see me capturing snaps of the environment, the details, the people, and more, because I feel that it ALL plays a factor in our lives and the moments we experience. So, in a sense, I am a FAMILY photographer, from the very start of a family with an engagement, all the way through the many seasons of life. I would love nothing more to capture lasting memories for you! If you’re interested, please feel free to send me a message so we can get in touch!